Stardust is a diversified, Blockchain enabled, online entertainment platform that allows users to participate in all projects hosted by the platform, including domestic & international concerts, special exhibitions, movies, artists and singer.

Stardust will carry out a revolution in the subversive entertainment industry, building a de-intermediary network platform by implementing blockchain technology.

For more information, please visit website at www.stardust.asia

Users can support and jointly own rights to favourite artists.

Users can also create their own artists or team, contribute resources for artists to produce records, find sponsors and artists.

Priority to purchase tickets and received more platform rewards. A virtual world that mirrors the authorised artists to live in.

Stardust will organise both real-life and virtual worlds of intelligence properties, virtual music festivals and virtual film festivals.


To facilitate high-quality entertainment production within the global entertainment industry. “ Experience everything” in one platform. Create “ everything” in one platform. Build a “ new generation” in on platform.


To elevate the entertainment industry to a notch with quality contents and intellectual values. Changing people’s experience toward “artist” imagine “You” can share the “artist” right.